Hybrid Android & iOS App Development for Logistics Tracking

Our team of experienced mobile app developers developed unique hybrid iOS and Android app for logistics tracking, allowing customer to improve their trucker operating efficiency & achieve faster reporting for all consignments.

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Read this case study to find out how we developed a hybrid iOS and Android app which helped our customer achieve faster consignment tracking.

The Customer’s Business Requisite

The customer who approached us for a hybrid app runs a renowned logistics (Chinese and Korean partnership) company, which is based out of Hong Kong, China. The provision of customized IT logistics at a cost-competitive price has been a key differentiator which has set apart our client from other logistic service providers in the same region.
Upon approaching 7eleventech, the client wished to develop a highly functional app with a lot of features, but at the same time, wanted it to be very user friendly. The hybrid Android and iOS app was to offer an easy way for tracking manifests and consignments. The app also had to ensure a seamless process of picking up, dispatching and updating the status of the consignments on a centralized database meant for the truck drivers.

Project Related Challenges

During the creation of the hybrid mobile app specified by the customer, one of the biggest challenges faced by our team of developers was the time factor. Not only did the customer’s requirements explicitly specify a limited timeframe, but also required the implementation of robust GPS features for real-time consignment tracking and other updates. The mobile app also had to include a system which could easily and quickly locate consignments and manifests, while featuring an easy-to-navigate interface for faster trucker reporting (damages, delivery details, loss of consignments, consignments receipts etc.)

7eleventech’s Winning Solution

We prioritized the project based on the deadline requested by the customer and created a hybrid mobile app which met all customer specifications. Some excerpts from our winning solution include –
Our team developed a hybrid mobile app that could be used on Android and iOS effortlessly. This was achieved by combining HTML, JavaScript and CSS web technologies. Not only did the hybrid mobile app ensure a short development time, it also helped in unifying the UI for both iOS and Android operating systems
The mobile app further simplified the features related to trucker reporting. Through the app, it was now possible to –
Directly contact truckers when a consignment was ready for pick-up
Consignments could either be accepted or rejected by a trucker when using the mobile app within a time period of 30 minutes
Consignment delivery, consignment damage and other such reporting features could be immediately updated through the mobile app
Our team devised an exclusive GPS functionality for the mobile app. The GPS function ensured that all the consignment and trucker details/movement could be tracked on a real-time basis
The app was also equipped with a bar-code search functionality, ensuring all manifests and consignments could be effortlessly traced whenever required

Project Achievements

At the close of the project, our customer was completely satisfied with the mobile app that we built. Not only did the app meet all customer specifications, but we also made sure that it was seamlessly incorporated within the current structure of the customer’s business. Here are some highlights of our achievements –
By refining the overall structure of the mobile app and creating a user-friendly interface, we made sure that any user of the app, from managers to truckers, could easily utilize the mobile app without facing any difficulties
With the use of the mobile app, the customer was able to see a drastic improvement in the operating efficiency of the truckers and also achieved faster consignment tracking
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