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Flexibilty with Filters
Two-Way Data Binding
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In order to build a dynamic website, you need to have a strong foundation supported by an effective framework. Angular JS will help in creating a rich user interface of the site and enable you to create a single web page application. Our developers have expertise to handle the most innovative projects of the clients. You can our Angular JS developers for enriching the experience of your user.

Angular JS is a popular and important framework in JavaScript. This is used for creating single web page application. This structural framework is open source and is maintained by Google. Applications can be developed and tested pretty conveniently with the help of Angular JS using the client-side model controller view. At iStudio, we have the web application development experts. We use all the latest technologies of Angular JS for the customers.
Someone who is comfortable with JavaScript will find it easier to work with Angular JS. The apps can be implemented pretty effectively with the help of this framework. Also, implementing the features will not lead to any wastage of time since you will be able to write the code all by yourself. Using AJAX functionality, this framework offers a command to load the external data. This way the AJAX document is loaded easily.


React Js

At present, React JS is one of the popular JavaScript libraries which have been released recently. Developers prefer this framework to a great extent. With React JS, you will be able to separate the components in an effective manner within a singular page.


Backbone Js

As the name suggest, Backbone serves as the backbone of different apps while enabling the developers to develop sophisticated and structural web applications. This is a lightweight JavaScript Framework service that is based on MVP or Model View Presenter


Polymer Js

With the advancement in technology, the expectations of the customers are changing rapidly. Since the customers uses mobile they seek for information anywhere and everywhere. This is the reason you need a web application which is responsive across various devices