Digital Marketing

We are a full-service Internet Marketing company and we cover website designing, application

development, marketing at a cost-effective price.


Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine marketing strategies aims to promote the visibility of company pages on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by using contextual advertising along with user-based Pay per Click inclusions. SEM is largely an umbrella term incorporating several for website marketing tools including PPC, SMM, Directory Submissions, SEO, and many more.


Digital Advertising: 

Display advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising forms over the digital media benefitting many businesses by enhancing their reach. 7eleven offers amazing targeting techniques in an incredibly easier manner. We ensure a greater reachability for your products by ensuring that most of the potential customers and one time users get converted into useful leads.

Social Media Marketing:

Aim of our Social Media Marketing Services is to put your company on a certain position wherein you can tap into the incredible two way relationship between customers and businesses. We have designed our services such a way that you get the exact feedback upon your products, know the areas where there is scope for improvements, get involved and implementing the tactics that increase brand awareness.


7eleven provides you quality oriented web analytics services with which you can gain insights about the number of unique visitors, the pages that are referred the most and time spent by users on each page. This kind of website analytics is quite useful for the marketers of your website or organization.

With our Web analytics service you have:

. Accurate understanding of user demographics.
. Measuring ROI of the website.
. Analysing and optimizing keyword positioning leading to search engine optimization.
. Real time web analytic services.
. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data on your website.
. Measurement of Key Performance Indicators for the website.

Mobile Application Marketing:

Mobile Application Marketing has become a very common device these days and hence is put to best use for commerce by marketing companies through developing mobile marketing. Mobile marketing involves communication with the customers through mobile devices by sending marketing messages to promote a marketing campaign on mobiles or to promote links for visiting mobile websites. Mobile marketing enables an organization to develop a consumer database who is interested in interacting about their brand.