Android With E-Commerce

Mobile phones have undoubtedly transformed the way businesses work

As per research data, people across the world are accessing the internet via their Smartphones more

often than ever. In such a scenario, the importance of mobile websites, as well as mobile apps, cannot be


7eleven is a Mobile Application Development Company based in Chennai, India. We provide solutions and cross-platform development across multiple OS platforms. Many prominent brands have chosen us to be their mobile development partner making us one of the leading mobile application development companies in India.


Our mobile apps are known for their consultative front-end, while at the backend we provide effective support. UX design capabilities ensure that the apps not only meet user expectations but also lead to customer delight.

An agile methodology is the hallmark of our mobile app design & development. The following steps go into creating world-class apps that are known for their speed & ease of use: Storyboard »? Development »? Testing »? Implementation

We follow a process driven development lifecycle and include the following deliverables:

App Ideation and Consulting – We support creative ideas and clients who think out of the box by studying and sharing the technical feasibility of their ideas. We also love to ideate with our clients and share ideas we have picked up from our reviews of scores of apps thus making the ideation a collaborative process.
Multi iteration Design – Along with mobile application developers, we also have an in-house creative team thus ensuring best of class app designs. Our Project leads also contribute with UX inputs in the mobile development process,

View as We Build – We like to share progress on projects by sharing the app itself. We use ad-hoc distribution methodology may it be the Android APK file over a secure FTP or an iPhone development release over Testflight distribution mechanism. We like to update our clients with regular builds and ensure app development is a feedback-driven process.

Full CMS Support – Our app development in India is complemented with a full CMS support for the application. This means, our clients control the content within the apps. Whether it is the picture gallery, news, and updates, push notifications or Google map locations, our CMS driven approach ensures our clients can manage it all themselves.

Submission to Store – We handhold our clients from project approval to project launch. We help guide our clients through the app store registration process, app submission guidelines and also actually submit the app on their behalf using their accounts.